Kassa Overall - visible walls

I think I’m good is together with Moses Boys Dark Matter the beat albums released so far 2020

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Idris Ackamoor - Theme for Cecil

Two tunes released from the upcoming album. Both spellbinding.

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Joe Harriott & Amancio D'Silva Quartet ‎– Hum Dono

Amazing tune from 1969. Great album overall. Crazy expensive original, but luckily there is a good reissue from 2015.

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Moses Boyd - BTB

More about this later.

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Pharaoh Sanders - Harvest Time

Still better then all your "chill"-list. We all need comfort, but we need to move away for the plague of chill playlists. It also time to pull the patch and let the lion share of the new age be a landmark in time.



New Alfa Mist EP coming up. The first song is as comforting as you would hope.


Bonnie Prince Billy - Stay on it

Pitchfork was inappreciative that Eastmans name was on the album.

The link between Oldham and Eastman is quite clear, misfits and musically geniuses. Stay on it makes out the the biggest part of the record, with is 16 minutes + length. The rest of the arrangements of the tune have clear inspiration of Eastman.

Eastman is clearly the spirit behind this recording.

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Julius Eastman - Gay Guerrilla

"Eastman’s method, by contrast, is vertical. He keeps piling on elements, so that an initially consonant texture turns discordant and competing rhythmic patterns build to a blur."
From the well written piece about Eastman by Alex Ross

link to https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2017/01/23/julius-eastmans-guerrilla-minimalism

Mal Waldron - All alone

In 1963 Mal Waldron took heroin overdose.

"I couldn't remember my own name. My hands were trembling, I couldn't play the piano. I needed shock treatments and a spinal tap to bring me back"
1966 he release his first record after the overdose, a solo piano performance. It's maybe a bit simpler than the usual Mal Waldron stuff, but in that there also a beauty.

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Golden Ivy - Kläppen

Solid album, avant garde for tired heads

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Låpsley - Ligne 3

“Bring me down a few places”

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Det måste vara radion

Days like this when energy to select do not exists, you bless NTS. Sometimes amazing, sometimes not, but always something to digest and provoke your ears. 2019 those days with less energy been more frequent than ever.

Other radio shows worth mentions is BBCs two unceasing shows Gilles Peterson Worldwide and Benji B, as great today as ever. On a local note Retreat doing some good things. And it will be interesting to see what P3 will become when they are going back to the roots and concentrating on music.

link to https://www.nts.live/

Andrew Wasylyk - Paralian

Scottish, admirable and elegant. Thanks henke!

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Clifford Jordan - Glass Bead Games

One of the best strata east records got reissued for real 2019, save money and still heal your soul with post-bop bliss and buy it for a tenth of the price

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Moodyman - Sinner

There was that Moodymann album that never got released, except 300 ex on vinyl last year.

Praise the lords that we ordinarily people got a Moodyman album this year.

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Beneath it all, psych rock is doning fine


Stormzy - Crown


Flying Lotus - Flamagra

The avant-garde jazz bits from the last album is gone and instead there’s a lot of sudden jumps from genres and mode. Still great, but you need half a year to grasp the album.

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Bremer/McCoy - Utopia

Jazz-ish from Denmark, mellow and beautiful, could have been released ten years ago on Häpna

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FKA Twigs

Kate Bush-ish from the continuous moving twigs



When in doubt, go minimal

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Halsall - Oneness

Album of songs recorded from 2008 and onwards. Upon that Mathew Halsall reissued “Color Yes” and “Send me love” for the first time on vinyl. Strong year for Halsall

at apple musicat Spotifyat Youtubelink to https://matthewhalsall.bandcamp.com/album/oneness

Heading south


Bertil Strandberg Kvintett - Cirrus

Lovely spritit jazz recorded in Örnsköldsvik 1973, impossible to get your hands on until Fredriksberg Records released a vinyl reissue this September.

link to https://frederiksbergrecords.bandcamp.com/album/cirrus

Ozzy - Regndansen

The song thats sticks out from the new Ozzy album. Amazing angular rap with a rawer production that the rest of the album. Cream of the crop of swedish hiphop.

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Floating Points

Floating Points have released a great album under his own name, done superb NTS takeover and on top of that has his Eglo Records release d Natural Sci-Fi by Steve Spacek

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Woebot, still after all these years.

A half lifetime ago woebot did that 100 records list that was the real deal. Somewhere a long the way I lost track of what he was d oing, but back on track now. He released an e-book with his writings from the recent years. Refreshing and a bit sad, but foremost its real writing about music, missed that a lot.

link to https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B081GG7MVL

Gol-e Gandom, Lloyd Miller

At last some of the Lloyd Miller records getting reissued. 2018 we got Jazz At The University Of Utah and this year the beast Orien tal jazz, right now only in that trappy VMP-version, but getting proper release early next year. And not to foreget the compilation a lifetime in oriental jazz became easy to get again.

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Young, young Marco

One of the more solid LPs this year. Eclecticism for sure, but on the right side of "too smart"

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Alice, alice, alice

One of the best song I listen to this year, most expensive record I bought this year. Alice, Pharoah, Joe, Ron & Beny still blazing 49 years later.

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